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The holiday season can be stressful, but this year could be worse as many navigate common seasonal affective disorder and holiday-related depressing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has already led so many Floridians to feel isolated and disconnected.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has pointed out that the “holiday blues” are different from mental illness, but that short terms mental health problems must be taken seriously.

Now more than ever, the Florida Behavioral Health Association’s 60 plus member providers are one of the best resources when it comes to taking care of mental health during these winter months. Most of our member providers have a free, mental health crisis hotline that is available 24/7. These lines are the gateway to the help and care that you or a loved one may need if feeling depressed or anxious.

Below are mental health resources for you to use and share during the holiday season.

Please visit our Twitter page, as it is the most up-to-date resource for you.

National Resources and Crisis Lines
Florida Resources and Crisis Lines

FBHA Member Provider Crisis Lines