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Divisions And Workgroups

FBHA Divisions

Business Operations Division


Shawn Salamida
President of Behavioral Health Services
at Lakeview Center

Vince Carrodeguas
President and CEO of
Banyan Health Systems

Create a business climate where behavioral health services are viewed with parity as key components of community health. Address business models and third-party payor models.

Children and Adolescent Division


Victoria Scanlon
CEO of Charlotte
Behavioral Health Care

Anna Kesic
President and

Create strategies, policies, and systems that support healthy children, adolescents, and families using prevention and community wellness initiatives and effective behavioral health services to children and families.

Justice Division


Maria Alvarez
President & CEO of
Phoenix House Florida

John Wilson
CEO of
DISC Village

Ensure offenders have access to behavioral health care by promoting innovative strategies to divert offenders with behavioral health disorders; promote initiatives that provide behavioral health treatment to offenders while incarcerated; and to promote specialized re-entry initiatives that ensure behavioral health supports while offenders transition back to the community.

Public Resource and Administration Division


Stacey Cook
CEO and President
of SalusCare

Dr. Candace Hodgkins
President and CEO
of Gateway

Promote the enhancement of the behavioral health system of care by enhancing service delivery, engaging in coordinated care initiatives, and shifting the focus of service monitoring from compliance to value and performance.

Recovery and Social Supports Division


Garry Smyth
Fifth Street Counseling Center IV

Asha B. Pereyra

Develop strategies and policies that support recovery, reduce stigma, and address the social supports (including housing) to sustain long-term recovery.

FBHA Workgroups

CCBHC Data Workgroup

The Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Data Workgroup is comprised of CCBHC Project Managers, Project Evaluators, data staff, and leadership from CCBHC members. The goal of the Workgroup is to identify and/or develop outcome measures that demonstrate the efficacy of the CCBHC model in Florida. Through this collaboration Florida’s CCBHCs aim to consistently report on the same metrics to demonstrate the impact of this transformational model of care on their communities. The hope is that the CCBHC outcomes collected will strengthen our advocacy efforts to bring full CCBHC implementation to Florida.

CIO/IT Workgroup
The CIO/IT Workgroup is comprised of Chief Information Officers, systems and data analysts and other IT staff from FBHA member organizations. This is a dedicated group that meets regularly via conference call to discuss pertinent issues related to organizational information systems, data collection, data privacy and other IT challenges and changes. Members share ideas, best practices, frustrations and successes and provide input on data systems issues to DCF and AHCA on behalf of the behavioral health industry. The CIO/IT Workgroup also helps to develop the content for the IT agenda of the annual FBHA Administrator’s Forum.

CFO Workgroup
The CFO Workgroup is comprised of Chief Financial Officers and accounting managers that collaborate on the current and emerging financial trends in the behavioral health industry. This workgroup offers members access to an expanded network of accessible and reliable peer contacts to share valuable experiences, pertinent information and resolutions to the business issues facing the CFO. This group meets regularly via conference call to discuss: DCF contract monitoring and regulatory updates, AHCA and Medicaid policy updates, amendments for behavioral health funding and housing waivers, as well as the future of value based purchasing in the industry. It allows members the opportunity to benchmark their organizations needs against other related organizations experiences to accelerate their personal and organizational performance.

Human Resources Workgroup
The HR Workgroup is a group of human resource professionals from FBHA member organizations. The charge of the workgroup is to create opportunities for networking, idea exchange, problem solving and employment trend analysis for the behavioral health industry. The workgroup conducts annual salary and turnover surveys and develops the agenda for the human resource/employment law agendas for the annual FBHA Administrator’s Forum.