FBHA Recovery Awareness Month Resources

National Recovery Month is held every September to educate people about how substance use and mental health services can enable individuals and families to live healthy lives. It promotes the benefits of prevention, treatment and recovery for mental and substance use disorders. Now its 31st year, National Recovery Month celebrates those who have overcome substance-use disorders and encourages those in the fight.

Once sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Recovery Month is now housed under Faces & Voices, a member of the National Recovery Community.

The theme for 2020 National Recovery Month is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections.

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FBHA Members in Action

Gateway Community Services

On Sept. 1, Dr. Candace Hodgkins, CEO of Gateway Community Services, joined two other CEOs for a Nonprofit Report Webinar. Dr. Hodgkins highlighted the opioid crisis in Florida.

Watch the webinar here.

Florida Recovery School River Oak Center

“The center and its students showed their resilience in the spring when the pandemic forced Duval Public Schools online… Students quickly adjusted to interacting with their teacher and online school work from home.”

Read the full article here.

Operation PAR

Operation PAR has a brochure that highlights all of the different recovery treatments it offers.

Download the brochure here

If you are an individual in need of behavioral health services, please CLICK HERE to seek help.